Kuryata Alexander V.
MD, PhD, ScD, professor
Head of the department since 2002
PhD thesis: "Features of central hemodynamics on the background of functional loads, pharmacological tests and course of treatment in patients with essential hypertension", year of completion – 1992
ScD thesis: "Membranous and humoral particularities of arterial hypertension in age aspect and due to treatment", year of completion – 2000.

Filippova Alexandra Yu.
MD, PhD, ScD, associate professor

PhD thesis: "Optimization of the treatment of the duodenal ulcer related to Helicobacter pylori persistence", year of completion – 1999.

ScD thesis: "Steatosis and steatohepatitis in patients with obesity and pathology of the biliary tract: clinical and pathogenetic aspects of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment", year of completion – 2018.

Karapetyan Carp G.
MD, PhD, associate professor
PhD thesis: "Hyperbaric oxygenation in the complex treatment of patients with chronic heart failure", year of completion – 1991

Karavanskaya Ilona L.
MD, PhD, associate professor
PhD thesis: "Clinical-immunologic estimation of Korvitine efficacy usage in the patients with acute myocardial infarction", year of completion – 2004.

Kushnir Yulia S.
MD, PhD, 
 associate professor

PhD thesis: "Functional status of vascular endothelium, platelets and markers of cardiac fibrosis in chronic heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in patients with coronary heart disease, depending on body weight."

Mitrokhina Olga S.

MD, PhD, assistant professor
PhD thesis: "Inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance and its correction in the elderly patients with chronic heart failure", year of completion - 2008

Frolova Yevgeniya A.
MD, PhD, assistant professor
PhD thesis: "The lipid profile, endothelial function, state of magisterial and peripheral arteries in predialysis chronic renal failure patients", year of completion - 2011

Bardachenko Natalia I.
MD, PhD, assistant professor
PhD thesis: "Condition of coronary circulation in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease and safety of coronarography", year of completion - 2012.

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